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Ty Morn-Istor

Ty Morn-Istor

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Ty Morn consists primarily of British guitarist and songwriter Aron Biale , who self-released “Istor” on March 15 with the help of international guests. The first edition was quickly sold out and the quality of the disc got around from the UK to Switzerland, where the employees of Doc Gator Records have developed a fine nose for high-quality forged stainless steel since the beginning of 2018.

And indeed "Istor" has this quality, with its genetics from traditional British steel , as it has been forged on the island for decades. Influences from bands like Judas Priest on the lightning-fast opener "Reign Of The Hunter" , Black Sabbath on the sluggish "Kings of Dishonour" , or Iron Maiden on the intricate "Bring Fourth The Night" , which is infused with epic double-barreled lead guitars, are everywhere. In addition , there are Teutonic features from Accept to Powerwolf to Avantasia in the bombastic, catchy arrangements on songs like "Hey Poseidon" , " Die Where We Stand" or "Harvest Of Souls". For me, the most fitting cross-reference to the sound of Ty Morn is probably the Brazilian compatriots of singer Raphael Gazal , Angra . In general, the melodies and refrains quickly get stuck in your head, which is also thanks to the singer, who with his powerful, variable voice sings hymns like my favorite song "The Language Of The Beast". additionally refined. As bonus tracks of the Doc Gator Records edition of "Istor" With "What The Hell" and "Here Lies The Fool" there are two more numbers that don't need to hide behind the regular brilliant acts. On the latter song, American singer Laureen Mazzio guest-singes the female part in the ballad-like track.

Doc Gator Records have once again proven their instinct for a release that deserves to be brought to a wide audience in an appropriate form. The name Ty Morn should be noted above all by fans of Angra , Judas Priest and traditional metal with a dash of bombast.

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