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Reinforcer - The Wanderer (test pressing)

Reinforcer - The Wanderer (test pressing)

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If you want good advice, it's best to go to an expert. And who can best recommend new bands? Sure - other bands. That's how I eventually ended up with Reinforcer from Paderborn while clicking around wildly. After all, sometimes I have to be lucky

The five guys play melodic Power Metal and already know exactly what they want and how it should sound.

The band started in 2015 when old friends Niclas (guitar) and Marvin (bass) got together. The aim from the beginning was to play melodic, powerful metal. Within a year they found other comrades-in-arms, so that in 2016 all instrumentalist jobs were taken and work on the sound of Reinforcer could begin. Guitarist Niclas took over the part-time job on the microphone so that the band's songs could take on structure, but that wasn't to be a permanent solution. So the difficult search for a singer, especially in the Power Metal area, began. After another year you found Logan Lexi - I say yes, you have to be lucky sometimes. Because the new frontman fits perfectly to the fast, powerful metal that Reinforcer have written on the flags.

Since all the individual parts for the implementation of the numerous existing songs and song ideas were finally available, we quickly went to the studio. Here, too, Reinforcer proved directly how serious they are. Recording and mixing of the EP took place in the Room89 studio, the mastering, which is so often crucial, then in the coal cellar studios, which bands such as Powerwolf can regularly point to as references. Everything together results in “The Wanderer”, the debut EP of the band from Paderborn.

Opener and title track “The Wanderer” is based on a 10th-century Old English poem in which an elderly man recalls battles and tragedies and contemplates the virtues of a warrior. After a brief atmospheric opening, an acoustic motif leads into a stretched riff, which is followed by the actual opening of the song. From this moment on, Reinforcers set a strong pace. The fast melodic development by the guitars makes the song catchy, the hook line lives up to its name and the whole track is bursting with energy. Short, sometimes more sometimes less subtle, tempo changes give the piece a structure that captivates the attention. In addition, the powerful, distinctive voice of frontman Logan, who cultivates his very own style instead of just copying it cheaply. Finally, interspersed gang vocals set special accents throughout the song.

“Snatching Hands” then shows that Reinforcers can do things differently. This time it's more in the classic Heavy Metal realm, but also extremely melodic. Overall, the tempo is a bit slower, but the guys prove that they also sound good if you have time to pay attention to the details. Booming bass opening, which is then followed by the massive riff work. Frontman Logan acts rather epic-borne here, so that it is up to the drums in particular to set individual pressure impulses in between. The second half of the song is purely instrumental and despite the singer's ability, you don't really miss him here thanks to the extended guitar solo and the coherence of the instrumental design. Here the guitar becomes the voice of the band. Towards the end the track picks up speed again to ensure the right pulse rate for the rest of the songs. The fact that the entire band co-wrote this song makes it stand out again.

With the namesake "Reinforcer" the guys have created their first anthem, because the refrain line with the band name everyone shouts along immediately. Overall, the song's sound structure is a bit more compact, without neglecting the melodies. However, the overall package moves in a narrower corridor and thus has even more pressure and momentum. Building on a solid rhythm work that consistently and consistently drives the song forward, the guitars give the whole thing a heavier, melodic character, which is crowned by the appropriate vocal development. When Reinforcer play the song at their release party in their own rehearsal room, the mood should rise sharply again.

Considering that you definitely can't reinvent anything in Power Metal anymore, Reinforcer build their own thing out of the well-known individual parts. They cleverly avoid using too many clichés and act pleasingly free of kitsch. The guys found their own sound on their first EP, which is gripping and fun. If you like Power Metal, an interesting new discovery awaits you here.

Review by Hellfire Magazine

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