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Old Ruins - Always Heading East

Old Ruins - Always Heading East

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With the sentence " This is just a taste of things to come... " we announced the signing of the Gelsenkirchen black metal formation OLD RUINS, whose lyrical orientation is based on the cult video game Diablo. OLD RUINS can rightly be assigned to black metal, whereby the band has created its own style with many influences from heavy, doom and melodic metal and has been known to a large part of the underground scene since their first demos on YouTube. OLD RUINS also made first plans for their stage debut, but the Lord Of Destruction had other plans and gave us a pandemic. However, OLD RUINS were not discouraged and began recording the 6-track debut EP "Old Ruins" in August 2020, which physically and digitally passed the gates of hell on November 6th, 2020 and brought darkness from the heart of the Ruhrpott over Tristram.

On September 15th, 2023 OLD RUINS will release their first full-length album entitled "Always Heading East" on our label Doc Gator Records. OLD RUINS were founded in 2019 and were intended to be a pure studio project by drummer Alexander Czernik and singer/lead guitarist Christian Krajewski. But the guys quickly developed a dark, very atmospheric sound that is still not easy to categorize today. Hooked on their ingenious concept, they completed the line-up with Oliver Krajewski (bass) and Ersin Kara (guitar).

About their debut album "Always Heading East", the Gelsenkirchen-based company says: "The lyrics refer lyrically to the video game classic Diablo from Blizzard. The dark atmosphere of the game has always fascinated us. It's hard to say whether the tragic story without a happy ending or the neglected landscapes on "Always Heading East" were the main inspiration", but "if you close your eyes and put the record on, then you really dive into the story of the dark wanderer," enthuses Christian Krajewski, adding: "Anyone who is not familiar with the history of video games can still immerse themselves in the dark musical world of the album and enjoy the atmospheric black metal sound".

Where Iron Maiden have to deal with only one beast, the courageous warriors of OLD RUINS are exposed to numerous spawns of hell. Face to face they take on MEPHISTO the lord of hate, LILITH - daughter of Mephisto and queen of the succubi, TATHAMET the seven-headed dragon and BAAL the lord of destruction.

Follow our debutants on their new adventures in Always Heading East and immerse yourself in a dark, atmospheric audio experience inspired by the world of Diablo!

Track listing:

  1. The Dark Wanderer
  2. Tristram
  3. The Desert Sands
  4. Risen From The Grave
  5. The Fallen Temple
  6. Mephisto
  7. Lord Of Hell
  8. Sescheron


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