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Nine Miles Down - Fractures (Vinyl)

Nine Miles Down - Fractures (Vinyl)

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“Fractures” can't really begin better than with a Criss Oliva memory riff and the opener 'Mockingbird' is an absolutely successful start to this debut album by NINE MILES DOWN. One notices immediately that the Welsh are no novices and have been playing in the rock/metal scene for a long time with well-known bands such as Maiden and Uriah Heep. First, illustrious names like Pain Of Salvation, Spock's Beard or Enchant come to mind, but the sound of NINE MILES DOWN is very unique overall. What I personally could do without is the obvious attempt to modernize themselves with the harsh vocals on 'Where We Belong'. Already the Pantera riff at the beginning of this track sounds strange, but when the Metalcore vocals kick in, you suddenly think you're dealing with a completely different band. However, this is the only weakness that is revealed on this album. Andy Makin has a great voice and forms a congenial guitar duo with Eddie Marsh. The rhythm section is staged perfectly by the excellent production and the keyboards set interesting accents without becoming too dominant. In addition there are hooks like in 'Faithless' and 'Beautiful Lie', which almost have AOR quality. However, the two best songs on 'Fractures' are also the two longest: the upbeat, lively 'Icarus' and the closing 'My Last Fire'.

Review by Alex Ensign

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