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Cunalbula - The Weight Of Sleep

Cunalbula - The Weight Of Sleep

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CUNABULA hails from Vilnius, Lithuania. A dark, deep and crushing phenomenon with disturbing female growls is unlike anything local, or further, metal bands offer. While trying to categorize CUNABULA’s music one may find that stylistic boundaries are non-existent. Compositions carry post, sludge, progressive, ambient, even black metal sound. And everything melts into a strange organism that breathes relentless darkness.
CUNABULA started in 2016. Their live performances leave listeners in a state of fear and hypnosis. The same would apply to their upcoming new music.
The music for this release was recorded in several Lithuanian recording studios: Lapės Records (drums), Black Box Recordings (vocals), Agirdi Audio (guitar and bass). A Latvian artist, Gints Lundbergs, is responsible for mixing and mastering. His portfolio includes cooperation with, among others, Dissection, FRAILTY and Skyforger. The album cover was created by Nojus Petrauskas.

Don’t miss to check one of the most unique albums that has been released since ages!

For fans of: Eyehategod, Cult Of Luna, Isis, Neurosis, The Ocean, Amenra, Psychonaut, Deafheaven, Obscure Sphinx, Blindead.

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