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Kill City - Darker Days (Vinyl)

Kill City - Darker Days (Vinyl)

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Influenced by the raw energy of hard rock and the power of heavy metal, Kill City pushes genre boundaries with compositions that cover a wide range of styles and elements of rock music. Their dynamic and versatile approach sets them apart in the competitive world of rock.

Now Kill City are about to release their highly anticipated third studio album, aptly titled Darker Days. Recorded in late 2023, this upcoming release promises to be a sonic journey that delves even deeper into the band's musical evolution.

One of the hallmarks of Kill City's creative process is their collaborative approach to songwriting. In this way, each band member contributes to all aspects of a song, including music, melodies, lyrics and production. This organic and collaborative method ensures that each song reflects the collective musicianship and artistic synergy within the band.

“Darker Days” is a testament to the band’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. With each member bringing their unique perspectives, the album promises to be a dynamic and compelling addition to Kill City's impressive discography.


  1. Fear No One
  2. Scream in Silence
  3. Days of our Lives
  4. Dr. Kheel
  5. Lords of our demise
  6. Speak of the Devil
  7. See them burn
  8. Under Attack
  9. Bitter smile
  10. House in the Sky
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