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Ignition - Vengeance

Ignition - Vengeance

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IGNITION, that's classic US Power Metal from the heart of the Ruhr area. The quintet around singer Dennis Marschallik, guitarists Sebastian Ernst and Christian Bruckschen as well as bassist Andreas Leyer and drummer Dominik Erbach have been convincing since 2014 with their raw and straightforward sound, forged from the finest Ruhrpott steel, which they refine with influences from traditional and modern metal. The honest music of the Duisburg band is often described as a mix of the old Blind Guardian and Trivium. So far, IGNITION released the EP "We Are The Force" in 2016, which banged the drums and thus attracted the attention of the metal scene. So it's no wonder that the following records "Guided By The Waves" (2017) and "Call Of The Sirens" (2020) became eagerly awaited and successful albums, which were celebrated by the specialist press at the time and by fans to this day.

Together with our label Doc Gator Records, IGNITION will release their new album "Vengeance" on September 15th, 2023, which will put some heavyweights in their place and let their longships sink to the bottom of the stormy sea with twelve powerful thunderclaps. Gone are the days of comparisons, gone are the days in the shadow of Blind Guardian or Trivium.

Singer Dennis "Schally" Marschallik says about "Vengeance": "With the album we deliberately ventured into new realms that you don't know about us and will still love.", and bassist Andreas Leyer adds: "For me, Vengeance combines everything that makes IGNITION what it is. We present ourselves with more variety on this record and make a statement that for us metal has many facets and that pigeonholing and a reduction to a defined genre means standstill!”.

"From the gut and with a proper 'fuck it' attitude, we took off the blinders to other (sub)genres without denying our typical IGNITION trademarks," says guitarist Christian Bruckschen and his (guitar) colleague Sebastian Ernst adds: "Vengeance is honest and versatile metal out of the "Ruhrpott", forged from metal and fire, in which tradition and modernity meet."

We think that IGNITION will burst every shield wall with their fourth full-length player, let the war hammer circle properly on "Vengeance" and will inspire every berserker and every shieldmaiden with their battle chants.

"Vengeance" comes with a total of twelve songs that are only physically available on CD. The song "The Funeral" will also be included in the digital version. Vinyl fans don't have to do without "The Funeral" either, because every vinyl contains a code that entitles you to download the track. So everyone gets served the twelve anthems from the steel forge of Duisburg. Anyone who knows the previous albums by IGNITION also knows about "The Viking Saga Pt. I” and “The Viking Saga Pt. II". IGNITION continue this saga on “Vengeance”. So the track “The Rise” begins “The Viking Saga Pt. III"

Track Listing:

  1. Ignite The Fire
  2. The Wounds That Cause The Pain
  3. adrenaline
  4. beastmode
  5. Kingdom Of Lies
  6. A New Dawn
  7. The Rise
  8. A Dark Fate
  9. Betrayal
  10. We Were The Shield Wall
  11. The Funeral (CD and digital only, vinyl via DL code)
  12. The Final Hour
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