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Electric Poison - Live Wire

Electric Poison - Live Wire

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Well-known and still unknown bands release new albums every day, not only in Germany or Europe, but worldwide. Despite interest, you quickly lose track of things and some pearls slip through your fingers unheard. Luckily there are always competent Metal fans who catch such small surprises and make us heard. In this case , Doc Gator Records have proven their instincts and bring the Brazilians Electric Poison closer to the European audience.

It's Electric Poison's first full-length, aside from a self-released 2-track EP in 2015 and a digital pre-single in 2019. The album Live Wire was released last year through Classic Metal Records in Brazil and is now on vinyl and CD, augmented with bonus tracks, released this side of the Atlantic. Stylistically, the Brazilians play classic heavy/speed metal and make no attempt to hide or even improve on their 1980s role models.

A short intro and the guys start with the speed grenade Fast Way To Hell . The singing voice is charismatic, the speed is dizzying and the chorus is ready to sing along. Guitars open Desert Nights , heard HERE , which comes along at a moderate pace before the engine fires up and it's back on the speed track with Running Like A Beast . As with the title track Live Wire , the guitar work here has an audible closeness to Iron Maiden . You Better Hide is musically in the footsteps of Judas Priest and you can see the guitarists swinging their axes to the beat in your mind's eye.

There is a lot of training for the neck with songs like Dynamite , Death Row or the wrecking ball Burn The Town , which lives up to its name and bursts out with incredible speed, giving us some time to catch our breath and shake our fists in the middle part, before everything is back to normal afterwards to play ground. The album in front of me ends with Voices From Beyond - it's not a ballad of course, but a solid mid-temo rocker. With Evil Possession, the single released in 2015 is a bonus track, on the CD pressing there is another bonus song with Heavy Metal Insanity .

My conclusion:
Live Wire is a must for fans of traditional heavy and speed metal. The album is an uncompromising continuation of the 1980s feeling in the spirit of Maiden , Priest , Exiter and Running Wild . I can't find anything reprehensible about it, because everything sounds fresh, authentic and is implemented with heart and skill. You can convince yourself of this with the track Desert Night , for which there is a successful lyric video that was brilliantly staged by Against Evil frontman Siri Siri's production company Into The Lens . The bonus tracks on vinyl and CD make it even more interesting for collectors. What will the guys present us with on the next album? The bar is set high at 9/10 !

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